Hello, I am Katharina!

Creativity and artistic expression have always been an important part of my life.

I am inspired by creativity that encompasses all of life. People who embrace their uniqueness and are not guided by pre-designed patterns.

As a creative person I always felt the need to go inside and to live a life that is in harmony with my inner being.

I felt that I had to find my own path in life...

A few years ago, I experienced a difficult time in which I was having depressions and anxieties again and again, and in which I withdrew very much looking for hold in life. Only later did I realize that a time of reflection and awakening had begun, a kind of transformation in which my creativity and understanding of myself and the world also changed and deepened.

I became aware that most people today are moving away from themselves and that as soon as we connect with ourselves, we swim against the current.

I became aware that it is not impossible to live more of ourselves. I felt that there is a source in us that wants to express itself and that the world is helping us to live a life that is in harmony with our hearts.

More and more people feel that it is not fulfilling to only follow external goals and tasks and want to live more of themselves and their own expression. There is a silent revolution going on that is about living in harmony with oneself, recognizing and accepting one's own strength and creativity and acting as a shaping part of the world.


Writing, painting, music ... Creative expression helps me to learn, to grow and to connect with myself. Creative play is much more important than it has often been communicated to us. It helps us to become happier, healthier and more peaceful people. When we live our creativity, we do not only do something good for us, but for the whole world!


Yes, I believe that there is a change going on in the world and that more people become aware of their connection. I believe in a world where we love to share from our hearts and to live more freely and creatively. If we are happier, the world becomes a better place too!


What else can be said about me...

When I was a kid, I was often called "mouse" or "beetle"

I grew up on the edge of a small town in Austria. A valley surrounded by beautiful mountains.



I love children's drawings, intuitive doodling (expression drawing) and art nouveau
(Picture right below: Gustav Klimt - mother with child).



I like to embrace trees and I regularly connect with the earth.

In nature, I often find inspiration for my artistic work.

I love everything that is handmade and selfmade.



A friend says that I'm a deer :)

I do not listen to a lot of music but I am often humming.

I like to watch flying birds. I love the sound of swallows in summer and the singing of birds of all kinds.



I love to dance and to be in the flow of life.

I know that we are all creative and that we all contribute to a better world when we live our creativity.

It makes me happy to help others step into their power and make their dreams come true...


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