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I love making ART, writing STORIES/DEEP THOUGHTS and making MUSIC from my HEART

In short: I love to EXPRESS myself CREATIVELY


My MISSION is to spread CREATIVE SPARKS and to inspire people

to live a life full of EXPRESSION and PLAYFULNESS und WHOLENESS


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My ART is on shirts and mugs as well as on pillows and bags, all available on REDBUBBLE. If you want to know more about my CREATIVE PROCESS and get a special price for my art, follow me on PATREON.

Live your Expression

Do you want to come into your CREATIVE POWER and live more of yourself? Or do you want a personal Live your EXPRESSION-Painting?


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Art & play

Art & Play is a facebook group that provides you with daily SUPPORT. Meet other creative people and explore your creativity in a PLAYFUL WAY.


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